Cup O' Joe

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Due to our supplier's recent change in fragrance oil formulas, we have decided to temporarily suspend sales of our Cup O' Joe scented products. The revised formula is not the same scent we know our customers have grown to love. We are currently testing a replacement and will let you know when you can purchase it. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to provide you with the highest quality handcrafted home fragrance. 

Average Burn Times:

Lil Mama (26 oz.) = 150+ hours

Pint Jar (14 oz.) = 80 hours

Half Pint Jar (7 oz.) = 40 hours

Wax Melts = Average 16 hours per cube*

*Wax warmers vary in wattage and size. This is an estimate based on our testing using a 25 watt warmer.